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Update – About Art Block, “Stay quiet when learning”, Procrastination and stubbornness – A blog post about learning 3D-Art

I sat in front of my monitor, looking at a blank blender scene, phone in hand with the timer app open. On the evening of the fourth day, I made the decision to not do the all 3 levels again. Instead, like doing an exam I wanted to make something of my own with all the things I’ve learned so far, to see how much I have progressed.

Trifecta of Props

Day 2 – A promising second day

They say, the second day is always the hardest one. Especially, if you have chosen to do such a Challenge like I did. But, I’m doing this for myself and not for anybody else and so I continued on my second Day of my #1hModelingExercise Challenge!

Day 1 – Let the Journey begin

Oh boy! Let me tell you, this was a rough start into my #1hModelingExercise Challenge. But hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?

So, what happened? First of all: I didn’t opened Grant Abbitt’s Videos on my Second Monitor as I said in my Preparations Post. Also I just sit in front of my Monitor and just started.

Week 1 – Preparation

To really get this whole thing going, I thought to myself: What do I want to achieve with this?

My main Goal is to be able to work as an Environment 3D Artist. I know that this will take a lot of time and that is totally ok with me. To be able to work as an Environment Artist, I have to understand all kinds of techniques used in Modeling and in 3D. These Exercises from Grant Abbitt really come in handy for that.

Modeling Exercise

My basic goal with this Exercise Plan is to learn the basic workflow of Blender, get creativity going and learn different kinds of techniques used for Environment Art.

One Hour per day on five Days of the Week should be doable for me and also keep on doing other Blender works like the Luggage from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld.

From my Experience in Life, I would say that I’m a fast learner. I will learn all the Keybinds I need, I will reflect on what techniques I learned and how I can use these techniques to build other Stuff in Blender.