Week 1

The first, is the hardest weeks.

broken topology

Update – About Art Block, “Stay quiet when learning”, Procrastination and stubbornness – A blog post about learning 3D-Art

I sat in front of my monitor, looking at a blank blender scene, phone in hand with the timer app open. On the evening of the fourth day, I made the decision to not do the all 3 levels again. Instead, like doing an exam I wanted to make something of my own with all the things I’ve learned so far, to see how much I have progressed.

Trifecta of Props

Day 2 – A promising second day

They say, the second day is always the hardest one. Especially, if you have chosen to do such a Challenge like I did. But, I’m doing this for myself and not for anybody else and so I continued on my second Day of my #1hModelingExercise Challenge!

Day 1 – Let the Journey begin

Oh boy! Let me tell you, this was a rough start into my #1hModelingExercise Challenge. But hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?

So, what happened? First of all: I didn’t opened Grant Abbitt’s Videos on my Second Monitor as I said in my Preparations Post. Also I just sit in front of my Monitor and just started.

Week 1 – Preparation

To really get this whole thing going, I thought to myself: What do I want to achieve with this?

My main Goal is to be able to work as an Environment 3D Artist. I know that this will take a lot of time and that is totally ok with me. To be able to work as an Environment Artist, I have to understand all kinds of techniques used in Modeling and in 3D. These Exercises from Grant Abbitt really come in handy for that.