Trifecta of Props

Day 2 – A promising second day

Day 2 - A promising second day

They say, the second day is always the hardest one. Especially, if you have chosen to do such a Challenge like I did. But, I’m doing this for myself and not for anybody else and so I continued on my second Day of my #1hModelingExercise Challenge!

The second day worked way way better than the first one. I put on my resources (I opened up Grant’s Videos on my Second Monitor), put the Timer on one Hour and started working on the Models.

Chair on Table
Level 1 on Day worked like a charm.

As you can see, everything looks way better in comparison to Day one. I’m pretty happy on how the Table, the Chair and everything else turned out. I didn’t lost time this time around with the Chair and got right to the next thing after finishing it. I made the Bottle from a Cylinder and not from an Circle. That worked waaaay better than expected, but I learned something for the future. What exactly? I have to think about what mesh I want to use to get my wished for result. A circle would also work for a bottle, but a Cylinder is the better option in this situation.

Level 2

On Day one, my second level looked horrendous. The shapes weren’t the right proportions (they still kind of aren’t to be honest) and everything was a mess.

If you take a look at the pictures below, I’m way closer to accomplishing the same outcome as Grant Abbitt. I don’t need to get the same outcome, that’s totally not how this all works, because I’m not doing this because I want to copy other peoples works. My goal is to understand the Workflow on how to get there. And this worked pretty damn nice yesterday! After finishing the second Level, I had about 40 Minutes left. So about enough time to get Level 3 started.

Day 2 - Part 2 finished
Better looking Part 2 on Day 2
The Original
The Original by the wonderful Grant Abbitt

Level 3

Trifecta of Props
I almost finished texturing the Trifecta of Props on the second Day!

As you can see, I almost finished texturing the Barrel and the Shield. After finishing modeling out all three of these Props I had enough time to jump around in the Workspace and try different things. I tried to colorize the Barrel and the Shield. It came out pretty nice, but with a bit more time on my hand it would look better. The Sword isn’t colored, because the time ran out as I was working on the Shield.

I had about 15 Minutes left on my clock as I finished Level 3. I was able to get a good workflow going on this whole exercise. I still have to learn and remember some of the key binds for a good workflow in Blender, but everything is coming together real nice at the moment.

I may struggle a bit with proportions currently, but that’s also something, that will be gone when I’m more familiar with the 3D-Space.

What I've learned today

To be honest, this day was a mess in terms of learning something new. But this is the result when you do something repetitive. I’m hear for learning the workflow in Blender to Model something nice. I get the basics down and then move on to the next level or the next Stage. I’ll solidify my knowledge and the basics in this first week and will build up on this in the second week. But I learned something important nonetheless: 

If you keep doing what you want to do, it just feels really good!

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