Modeling Exercise

Modeling Exercises

My basic goal with this Exercise Plan is to learn the basic workflow of Blender, get creativity going and learn different kinds of techniques used for Environment Art.

One Hour per day on five Days of the Week should be doable for me and also keep on doing other Blender works like the Luggage from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld.

From my Experience in Life, I would say that I’m a fast learner. I will learn all the Keybinds I need, I will reflect on what techniques I learned and how I can use these techniques to build other Stuff in Blender.

Thanks to Grant Abbitt, I have access to these wonderful playlist of him:

In this playlist, Grant Abbitt gives me and everyone else watching, the possibility to learn Blender and just get it going.
I know that I’m not the only one struggling with something like “lack of fantasy or creativity”, especially when they are just starting out. But what helps me the most in such situations is a playlist like this from Grant Abbitt. I get to do some work and I get to learn some techniques and why I have to use this or that technique to achieve the wished-for result.

The Rules

Let me get this straight! These are my Rules for learning how to get a good Workflow in Blender. Nobody else has to do them like me. With one hour invested per day on five Days a week, I will surely learn a good amount of Blender, Blender Workflow and much more. But besides the exercises, I’ll still work on some other projects that I have already started. The Luggage is one of them.

With measuring the time, I’ll also get a feeling if I’m getting faster. When I’m getting faster, but my results get worse, I have to reflect on what’s happening. Because of this, I’m writing this blog. And I invite everyone, who is interested in learning Blender, to come on a journey with me. Also I invite you to give me valuable Feedback. To my work and to my reflection of what I learned.

Week 1 (20.07. - 24.07.)

  • Part 1 to Part 3 every day
  • First two days with Video loaded
  • Last few days without Video. Just doing it!
  • If there is time, start getting more Details in.
  • If there is time, start learning/using Texture Paint or modeling 

Week 2 (27.07. - 31.07.)

  • Part 4 every day for one hour
  • If at the end of the week there is time, start to mix up Tutorials P1-P4

Week 3 (03.08. - 07.08.)

  • Hard Surface Modeling Part 5 + Part 6 for one hour every day
  • Start mixing up every technique learned

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