broken topology

Update – About Art Block, “Stay quiet when learning”, Procrastination and stubbornness – A blog post about learning 3D-Art


About Art Block, “Stay quiet when learning”, Procrastination and stubbornness – A blog post about learning 3D-Art

So, last week I started my #1hModelingExercise Challenge. It doesn’t look that way, but it was a great week and I made great progress! Not particularly progress in Modeling per se, but I made huge progress in terms of learning Modeling and learning 3D-Art, especially in Blender.

In this post, I want to share, how this progress looks like and what my next steps will be! So, stay tuned!

broken topology
This topology is like looking into something horrible

What's up with that picture up there?

Good question! To get a better understanding of that picture, we have to take a step back in time to last week Friday. Last Friday was the fifth day of my #1hModelingExercise Challenge.

I sat in front of my monitor, looking at a blank blender scene, phone in hand with the timer app open. On the evening of the fourth day, I made the decision to not do the all 3 levels again. Instead, like doing an exam I wanted to make something of my own with all the things I’ve learned so far, to see how much I have progressed. 

So I started my research through the web, especially on platforms like polycount, arstation and reddit for nice looking concept designs of prop weapons.

I stumbled upon this axe from Joshua “Denzule” Loke and thought to myself: “This looks really cool. I will try to rebuild this in Blender.”

Without textures at least, I’m still pretty bad at texturing stuff. 

So I imported this picture in Blender as reference and started working on it. I added a Cylinder with 18 Faces and scaled it into position to match the reference photo. Afterwards I wanted to add a Mirror Modifier and that’s where my evening went to shit.

Preparation is everything

Like I already said in my day one Post: Preparation is everything. I wasn’t prepared. Again. After I already learned it on day one.

Even If I researched, I didn’t even understand all the techniques to re-model such a rather “complex” model. I sure tried to, but I couldn’t really grasp my mind around how to get a relatively good topology and not something horrible like the thing above.

As you can see below, I already messed up while cutting the cylinder in half. I didn’t even checked twice, I there is a possible way to make a better cut for using a Mirror Modifier.

preparation mirror modifier right way
The right way to prepare for a mirror modifier
preparation mirror modifier wrong way
The wrong way to prepare for a mirror modifier
Result right Way
Result of the right way preparation
Result wrong Way
Result of the wrong way preparation

After cutting the cylinder the wrong way, I just checked the clipping point in the Mirror Modifier and put the somewhat circle like cylinder together to form one unit. The result looks pretty dumb. Believe me. Especially if you try to make a Axe Blade out of something like this.

This ends in something like the Titel Picture of this post. A really strange looking shading that I still don’t know how to deal with, a horrible topology and nothing really satisfying.

So I still have a lot to learn. I wasn’t really ready to start that “big”. I have a long way lying in front of me, namely watching Tutorials, reading Documentaries about Blender, learning the workflow….and much much more. But you know what. I did start and I will continue on doing my #1hModelingExercise Challenge. But I will change my own rules a bit. The only goal is to have fun learning something about Blender in one Hour. Watch a Tutorial, read something up about techniques like Topology or Art in general and still write a blog post about it. I won’t be posting everyday for sure. But I will learn a lot!


In conclusion I can say: I’m still burning for 3D-Art, I’m still burning for Environment Art and Artists. I still want to be an Environment Artist myself. And I will learn very hard to get there. “Stay quit when learning” isn’t the right thing all the time, in my humble opinion. I can learn a lot from myself if I write about it. Especially because I have to deal with everything I’ve learned through Videos, Articles and Forum Posts again. So I’m reflecting on myself and on what I’ve learned so far. I can take a good look at the missing pieces and put them together. So, why shouldn’t I share what I learn with others? 

Thanks for reading.

Stay tuned.

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