Week 1 – Preparation

Preparation for Week 1

To really get this whole thing going, I thought to myself: What do I want to achieve with this?

My main Goal is to be able to work as an Environment 3D Artist. I know that this will take a lot of time and that is totally ok with me. To be able to work as an Environment Artist, I have to understand all kinds of techniques used in Modeling and in 3D. These Exercises from Grant Abbitt really come in handy for that.

In the past few weeks I’ve already learned a lot about using and working with Blender. I’ve done different kinds of Tutorials, Basic and Beginner Tutorials and already tried my Hand at my own Projects. So I think I’m pretty well prepared for this journey.

In the first few parts, he goes over the absolute basics of 3D Modeling, including basic Mesh manipulation, extruding and using basic Modifiers like the Mirror Modifier. With these first few Levels I’ll be able to solidify my workflow in Blender and understanding of the 3D Room and using and accessing the different tools needed for those Exercises.


In Part One I have to Model a basic Table, basic Chair, a Bottle and a Bowl. Grant uses all different kinds of techniques to achieve the results and I’ll try to get my own workflow running here.
The next Level is also more focused on different kinds of techniques used in Blender, especially Extruding and Inset on Objects. Also, the Loop Cut tool gets his fair share too.
On Level three we will explore the first Low Poly Models and we will build a Barrel, a Sword and a nice Shield which all would be able to use in a game.

I’ve written down what I have to do in this exercise all along, but I’ll try to not use the Video Material provided by Grant Abbitt for this. Instead, I’ll just model the things on my own and try to achieve my own results. If I’m getting stuck, I’ll take a look at the related video.

I’ll also will give myself Homework to do after the #1hModelingExercise Challenge, but the outcome of this Homework will first be revealed on the next Weekend. So, stay tuned to see what will come out of this.

Level 1 - Basic Shapes

– Model a Table
– Model a Chair > Chair out of one Block! Model The chair out of one Block for different Techniques
– Model a Bottle
– Model a Bowl

Level 2 - Basic Modeling Tools and Techniques

– Model a Cube with Inset & Extrude in a Box-in-Box Shape
– Model a Wheel with Mirror
– Model a Vase with the Bevel Command
– Model a Cross Cube with Inset & Extrude individual without using the Mirror Tool

Level 3 - Basic Low Poly Props

– Model a Barrel using all learned Techniques so far
– Model a Sword using Mirror Modifier
– Model a Shield out of a Curve

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